Are you feeling stuck, out of sorts or
“off your game”
and not sure why?

Are you troubled by negative thoughts or
about yourself or others
and just can’t seem to shake it?

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Finally experience the sense of freedom and relief
you've been lacking.

Let go of the stress from
mental and emotional burdens of old
anger, resentment, blame, regret, guilt or shame.

There is no need to continue to experience the:

  • mental anguish caused by incessant negative judgments and emotions
  • powerlessness of feeling victimized, used, betrayed, resentful
  • exhaustion of continually feeling anxious, fearful, stressed out
  • loneliness and isolation of feeling disconnected, inauthentic, non-expressed
  • frustration and burden of regret, disappointment, guilt, shame

 What can you do?

In short, the remedy is to come to understand and put into practice the concepts and tools of empowered forgiveness and The Liberate Process.  You will let go of old hurts and judgments to move forward with your life desires and business goals in an empowered and healthy way.

This unique and powerful process holds the secrets to becoming internally strong, confident, resilient and creative so that you can live more successfully, happily and authentically.  It will give you the ability to feel connected, intimate and to love and be loved in the ways you most want.

By learning and applying the concepts and tools of The Liberate Process, you will free yourself from the bondage of the past, rid yourself of the stress and anxiety producing thoughts and emotions, and start living the kind of life you really want.

HOW can you get started?

I have books, workshops, courses, individual coaching and other resources available to support you.  In the menu bar you'll see links to many of the options. Yet...

How do you know what's best for you?

You can read about and try different ones.  Or you can simply click on the link provided to schedule a free, no-obligation, individual Clarity Consult session with me.  You’ll find out the perfect method of support for you, so that you can quickly and clearly create a life of less stress, better relationships, more success and greater peace of mind.

Click here now to schedule your
"Clarity Consult" session. 


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In your Clarity Consult we will:

  • Get clarity on the thing that is most holding you back
  • Make a personal action plan and
  • Decide on your best next steps.
  • All in 45 – 60 minutes.

Here are a few ways I can help you:

  • Gain work/life clarity, direction and focus
  • Create business/personal vision and goals
  • Develop effective action plans and systems
  • Relieve stress and feel more relaxed and vital
  • Navigate successfully through major work or life transitions
  • Bounce back from seemingly devastating or shattering events
  • Regain connection and trust in relationships
  • Resolve conflict and upset with other
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Act with greater confidence and power
  • Clarify and set good boundaries




 Here's what people like you are saying about their results!

“I gained the tools to stop allowing my relationship pattern to block me from accomplishing my personal goals… I feel validated, confident and have a deeper appreciation for my ability to create what matters to me.”  KF – Colorado

“My growth is ongoing and expanding possibilities like never before. Coaching with Cliff has been a wonderful experience for me.”  AS – Alabama

“With the new wisdom and insight gained from his teaching, I have reclaimed my courage, passion and freedom to be me!  With this process, I have liberated myself.  I fully and wholeheartedly endorse this life changing work!”  LR – Indiana

“Cliff is a master teacher of highest regard. There is an honesty and reality in his words and actions that are most needed in this world.”  SP – Florida


Imagine what it will be like to be
an inspiration to yourself.
Imagine what it will be like to experience more:

  • peace of mind free of stress and anxiety.
  • confidence and connection free of fear and separation
  • authentic, joyful self-expression free of concern for what others will think
  • power and creativity free of limiting thoughts and beliefs

That’s what’s available, that’s what we’re going after.  Click just below now to schedule your Clarity Consult. I can't wait to meet you!


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With support and an inspired heart,

Clifford Edwards





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