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POMT - Awe of Nature 2015-02-17

Notice and Appreciate Nature

There’s an amazing, wonder-filled natural world present and accessible to  you all the time.  It’s just waiting to be noticed, and to inspire awe within you.  

Set aside the distractions and lift your eyes.  Take a few moments to connect with and admire the beauty, marvels and intricacy of the world around you.  As you look out in awe, you’ll find you mind naturally becomes more peaceful and still. 

Spectacular SkyThe act of pausing in admiration and wonder of nature is so simple and accessible that it’s easy to take for granted and ignore it.  We live in a world of indescribable wonders and beauty.  We not only live in it, we’re part of it!

moonlight and rose.I love to pause from time to time to admire and appreciate the sights and and contemplate the scale of our teeny little corner of the Universe.  Whether it’s gazing out into a starry night sky, being astonished by a gorgeous sunset, glimpsing a glistening flower in the morning light, or scrutinizing a seemingly endless procession of tiny ants along a sidewalk, every time I choose to stop and look around there’s always something to spark a sense of awe or fascination.

Awe and Connection

Along with the sense of awe and fascination comes an incredible feeling of connection.  It’s a feeling of belonging and being part of something much larger than my individual life and concerns.

volarAt times it occurs to me almost like I’m a single cell, momentarily aware of being an infinitesimal bit within a gargantuan organism that’s much too massive to comprehend in total.  At other times it just occurs as an overall sense of gratitude and well-being.

No matter how it occurs, in those moments of awareness and admiration, I can let go of all cares, all concerns and simply be present.  There is nothing more to do than breathe silently and feel the awe.

What You Can Do to Appreciate Nature:

winterstimmungTake a few moments every day to stop, observe and admire something in nature.

  •  Go for a walk in a local park or garden and feel the earth beneath your feet.
  • Watch waves cresting and splashing on a beach.
  • Take in the beauty of the perfect petals and fragrance of a rose.
  • Follow the darting, jagged flight of swallow or other small bird.
  • Notice the fractal patterns in the branches of a tree.
  • Observe the frantic rushing and chaotic swirling of water in a stream.

Even in you spend most of your time in an office, or in the concrete canyons of a city, you can find some way to observe and appreciate nature.

Appreciate_Nature_6If you’re inside, look out a window or walk out a door.  In an urban environment you can:

  • Appreciate a vibrantly colored flower in a window box.
  • Admire a sturdy tree gracing a planter strip.
  • Be fascinated by a determined blade of grass pushing though a sidewalk crack.
  • Or just look up to watch the endless movement of clouds through the sky!

Just Notice

The world is huge and the wonders of nature are abundant within it!

When you pause to appreciate nature, it doesn’t matter so much what you notice or observe.  It matters more that you do take the time to notice, observe and admire.  It’s the act of focusing your attention onto something in the present and feeling at least a momentary sense of appreciate and gratitude, that cultivates greater peace of mind.

gouttes perlant sur feuilleLooking out into the natural world, there is a seemingly endless supply of things to capture your attention and allow a scattered awareness to coalesce fully into the present.  You can breathe in with a delicious sense of wonder and gratitude.  You can let everything else fall away for a few, marvelous moments and experience peace and connection.

Mother Nature — she’s abundantly present, readily available and endlessly fascinating.  Make the simple choice to notice and appreciate her bounty.

Now I challenge you to make a point each day to stop, connect with and appreciate something in nature.  Then see how it influences your moods and perspectives.  Start today!

Thanks for reading!  
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