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Focus on What You Do Want.

What you focus on is what you will get!  Many people tend to dwell on thoughts of what they don’t want.  Then they can’t figure out why that’s exactly what shows up!

Choose to focus on what you want – what you would like to experience, accomplish or receive.  Notice what you don’t want, then flip it to the opposite – what you do want – and hold that in your attention.  You’ll feel less stressed, more energized and peaceful as you get more of what you desire!

An Early Lesson in Focus (on What You Want)

Portrait of teenager with retro bike in farm fieldI made an important discover when I was a young boy, just learning how to ride a bicycle.  That bicycle was a hand me down from some friends of the family – a full sized adult bike, a flat, dark red color with big fenders and off-white painted rims.  It was almost bigger than I was.  It was a men’s style bike with the high cross bar between the handlebar and seat stems.  With my short, 9 year-old legs, I could either barely straddle the bar and pump the pedals, or I could sit on the seat – but definitely not both at the same time.

As you can imagine, as a small boy on a big bike just learning to ride, I was pretty shaky and unsteady, but nonetheless enthusiastic.  So following my older sister, I rode out of the driveway and down the street feeling more confident the further I rolled.

Then Came the Pothole

About halfway down the block, all of a sudden I saw it.  There was a huge pothole in the street ahead of me.  I became afraid that if I went through it, I’d lose my balance and fall.

Pothole_BigI knew that I didn’t want to hit that pothole, but I continued to stare right at it.  I knew that I didn’t want to go through it, yet I had all my attention focused keenly on it.  I knew that I wanted to avoid the pothole, still I gripped the handlebars tight and kept steering straight toward it.

Then bang!  I hit it hard of course, and nearly fell down.  But I managed to recover and wobble on.  And somehow, learning took place.  The next time I rode down that street, I focused on the pavement to the right of and beyond the pothole.  Guess what?  I easily and naturally steered around it.  Once again, where I focused my attention is where I went.

I’d like to say that I generalized that lesson and applied it everywhere in my life after that, but unfortunately that’s not true.  I had to learn it again and again in various ways throughout my life.  Time and again until I came to understand finally that whatever I focus on and hold steadily in my attention expands and becomes realized.

Give Attention to What You Want

chica con bola del mundoWhen you focus on what you want, your creativity and energy are automatically channeled into ideas, choices and activities that lead to the fulfillment of the desire.  So you’re much more likely to get or experience what you want, especially if you bolster your attention with positive emotion – feelings of gratitude, enjoyment or accomplishment.

When you focus on what you don’t want, it consumes your awareness and creates stress, anxiety, dread or resistance.  When you put your attention on what you do want, and think creatively and positively about that, you’ll feel calmer, stronger and experience greater peace of mind.  Best of all, you’ll be much more likely to actually get it!

What you can do, is to simply pay attention to the focus of your thoughts.  If you find that you’re holding onto or obsessing over thoughts of what you want to avoid, identify what you do want instead, and embrace and entertain that in your mind.  You’ll be amazed at how much better and more productive you feel.


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