Choose to Be Curious and Fascinated by Life – Peace of Mind Tips!

2015-03-25, Curious and Fascinated2


Choose to Be Curious and Fascinated by Life

You can slog through life feeling bored, jaded and cynical,
or you can approach each day as a great adventure, waiting to happen.

Cultivate an attitude of fascination and enchantment with all that life presents.
As you allow yourself to be interested and enthralled by the experience of each moment,
your mind naturally becomes more peaceful and still.

Really, Really Interesting

jeu d'enfantLife is fascinating – really, really interesting – if you choose it to be that way.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of things available to be marvel at.  There are novel, miraculous, wonderful, people, events and things around you every day! To discover them, all you need is to look out on your world with curiosity and inquisitiveness.  You can simply choose to see things with a sense of childlike wonder.

A Handy Little Exercise

Do a little exercise with me.  Hold up one of your hands and glance at it.  You’ve seen it countless times before right?  It’s just your hand…  But now adopt a perspective of curiosity and fascination, and look a little more closely at it.

High FiveStart with the palm side and choose to notice what an amazing thing your hand really is!  Wiggle your fingers, clench and unclench a fist and observe carefully how the joints bend and how the skin crinkles in all the right places to allow easy movement.  Look at the finger tips and marvel at the fact that the pattern of lines and whorls on each one is completely unique to you!

Now turn your hand over and look at the back of it.  Again move the fingers and admire the action of the tendons beneath your skin – pulling and relaxing in perfect coordination at your whim.  Look at your knuckles and the way they bend so smoothly.  Now reach out and pick up some simple object nearby.  Notice how effortless it is to do so.

Take it all in and be in awe of the fantastic number of individual bones in your hand, all the muscles and connective tissues that animate your hand, the amazingly flexible and resilient skin that envelops and protects it all!

Notice that even your hand – this thing that you have seen and used millions of times before – can still captivate and fascinate you if you choose to see it from that perspective!  If this is the case, then consider how much more there is around you each and every moment to approach with an attitude of curiosity and fascination!

The Alternatives

The road to the fieldThere are many alternatives to being fascinated by life of course.  You can choose to be bored with yourself and others.  You can focus in on the dreary repetitiveness of certain tasks and activities.  You can resign yourself that you’re in a non-changing rut.  You can take the role of cynic, scoffing and pessimistic, or you can be a critic, constantly looking for what’s wrong or unacceptable.

Yet think about how it feels when you’re being critical, cynical, resigned or bored.  Does it feel good in your body?  Does it put you in a mood that enables you to be motivated, productive and get where you want to go?  Does it help you to have a peaceful mind?  Most likely the answer to those questions is ‘no.’

Be Curious, See What Happens!

souffleSo if you do want to feel good, have more motivation and greater peace of mind, here’s a little experiment you can do.

  • Choose for the next hour to adopt a childlike curiosity and fascination with life.
  • Approach every person, situation or activity as if for the first time, free of preconceptions of what will occur.
  • Allow yourself to be intensely curious about what will happen next, or what someone will say or do next.
  • Determine to look for and be amazed at both the complex and the simple wonders of the world around you.
  • Engage fully in whatever you’re doing and really experience it without judgment.

At the end of the hour, notice how it was for you to do that.  Did you enjoy yourself?  How do you feel now?  Is your mind more peaceful?

Ready for More?

If you liked what you experienced or found some value in the experiment, then set up a system to remind you to adopt this perspective more frequently.  Make it a game that you play with yourself to find out what really amazing things life has to offer you each day!  What can you notice about some person, situation or activity that you were never aware of before?  How can you use this sense of interest, curiosity and fascination to propel you forward in your life?curious-question-marks

Finally be curious and see what happens as you invite those around you into this perspective of interest and amazement too!  Just imagine what could happen if we all approached our lives in this way.

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?…