Episode 1, Choose – to be an Inspired Leader

Inspired Leader Podcast

Who Do You Want To Be? Choose - Who Do You Want to Be?

Have you ever had the feeling that there's something more you want or need to be doing with your life?  You know, that little nagging sense from inside.  The one that says you've got skills, talents or knowledge you could be sharing to help make a positive difference for others.  You may be an Inspired Leader, just waiting to become who you desire to be!

I know what that's like; I've felt it too.  Yet after several years of ignoring it, I made a choice to make a change.  But it took a failing business to give me the kick in the pants that I needed to finally take action and set off on my path as a leader.

What is an Inspired Leader?

Listen to Episode 1 now, as co-host Carrie-Ann Baron and I:

  • Define what an Inspired Leader is and how you know if you're ready to be one.
  • Share our own Inspired Leader origin stories.
  • Give an overview of this 8 episode podcast series.
  • Offer steps you can take to get on your Inspired Leader path starting today!

Do you feel the nudging?  Listen now and find out how to begin.

Then make sure to come back here for each of the following episodes.  Step by step we will support you to greater clarity, understanding and confidence to step up and become the kind of Inspired Leader you know you can be!  You will be inspired to open up, to take a risk, stretch and grow as you share your unique gifts with others.

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