Episode 2: Confess – Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward


Episode 2: Confess - Listen Now!


Where are You in Denial and What Do You Need to Confront and Deal With in Order to Move Forward as an Inspired Leader?

Confess, confront and get out of denialLast week, we talked about "Choosing" how you want to be seen in your life... the next step is to be honest about where you are right now? What's working for you? What isn't. It's time to "confess" and get real.

This is the step of getting out of denial in any form, giving up excuses and powerfully choosing to take responsibility for all of the circumstances of your life.  When you admit to and confront the issues or circumstances that have limited and disempowered you, you'll find that you can more easily and naturally step into the role of Inspired Leader.

Here's a simple formula: Deny & Excuse = stuck in the past, Confess & Confront = moving forward in life.

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