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Transformational Coach

Does Your Life Feel Like You’re Stuck in a Long, Hard, Painful Journey?

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Liberate Your Mind & Heart!

A Long, Winding, Often Painful Road

Going through life, growing older… it’s not for wimps.  A lot about it is hard.  There are all the changes: aging body, health concerns, other people’s perceptions of you, your own perceptions of you…  It’s especially difficult if you resist it, fight against it – if you go screaming, kicking or denying that anything has changed at all.

 But physical changes are often the easier thing to deal with.  Especially if you’re dragging around anger or grievances from the past.  And what about the mistakes you’ve made, the screw-ups in your career, finances or in relationships?  Or just some stupid thing you did that went really wrong leaving you in a huge mess with a pile of regret, guilt or shame? 

Personally, I’ve done it all, and more.  I’ve missed opportunities to have made lots more money. I’ve hurt people I care about and love. I’ve neglected or broken relationships beyond repair. I’ve done lots of stupid, painful, heart-rending things in my life.  

And fortunately, I’ve been able to learn from it all – to use the ‘bad’ experiences to actually make my life better.  To feel happier, more authentic, relaxed, confident and fulfilled.  I now know how to transform life’s negatives into positives and emotional pain into wisdom.

You can do it too. I will help.


Who Is This Coaching For?

This type of coaching is for people who have years of life experience under their belts.  It’s for those who are successful, but have experienced significant setbacks, disappointments or hurts along the way and still feel like there’s something wrong with them – no matter how much they’ve accomplished or proven since.


This is for you if you…

  • Engage in negative self-talk or harsh judgments of yourself or others that distract or disempower you.
  • Are holding onto any regret, remorse, sorrow guilt or shame from events of the past.
  • Carry resentment, blame or anger toward yourself or others.
  • Lack the confidence go for what you want or put the needs or desires of others ahead of your own well-being.
  • Have things in life that just aren’t working, no matter what you’ve tried to do to change them.

About Me

I’m a highly experienced, transformational coach, in business since 1998. Working directly with many hundreds of people in diverse situations, has given me a wealth of knowledge, experience and intuitive understanding to benefit you in every session.

I currently specialize in coaching Gen X and Boomer II* professionals, helping them to confidently face life changes, resolve issues of the past, heal strained relationships and experience greater overall levels of success and happiness.


* Boomer II – Born 1955 – 64, Gen X – Born 1965 – 80


“I am still benefiting from the coaching.  I didn’t expect my work life to get better, I thought that I might discover another line of work…. that surprised, yet pleased me.  I have a simple vision and I get a step closer to it every day.  That makes me very happy.”

K. Murphy

Teacher, Connecticut

Incredible distinctions and powerful internal exercises!! I experienced huge aha’s and shifts, beyond what I could have imagined.

E. Rosenberg

New York, NY

“Cliff comes from a place of depth of compassion and has the gift of exceptionally deep, trust-worthy and active listening. Add this to his extensive knowledge of coaching as well as spirituality, Cliff is a master coach and teacher of highest regard.”

S. Pachman

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“Working with Cliff I began to identify negative thoughts or feelings that were causing me to be unrealistically fearful, often resulting in prolonged procrastination that impacted my effectiveness. I am becoming very effective in changing this behavior and am very confident that I will continue to be much more effective in these most important areas of my life”

R. Epstein

Honolulu, HI

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